Tires importance is self-evident, good tires can ensure that the owner’s safety, especially in the near future, when the season changes, the wind and rain all not afraid of tires, the speed in just after the National Day holiday, after the baptism of the muddy gravel, it is easier to appear problem, he said, interested students can see BBS “car home” advise others columns, tires are caused by accident, frightening!). At the same time, tires on the vehicle performance, handling also has an important impact, the original tires are often limited by the cost, performance is not satisfactory.So this post on how to choose a tire?What are the parameters of the tire worth paying attention to?How to choose the most suitable tire according to the demand and the performance of the vehicle itself?And so on a few questions exchange with everybody.First of all, I am not engaged in the automobile industry, nor any advertising support, interested in children’s shoes can see my list, for the vehicle is also a personal hobby, wrote the experience is mostly long-term bubble in the forum to gather everyone’s strengths, wrote the lessons are a lot of their own personal experience.Hope to learn and improve together with everyone, if there is a wrong place to write, please don’t hesitate to teach, thank you.

So let’s talk about the basic structure of the tire.A tire usually consists of the following parts.

I think the choice of tires should first consider several factors:

What kind of car do you drive?Tires are for cars. What type of car you own, the main use of the car, and the road you often drive are all factors to consider.Economical passenger cars, performance cars, OFF-road vehicles or operating vehicles, different vehicles applicable to the tire type is not the same, so the vehicle use is the first consideration, to determine a large range, and then integrated with other factors to achieve rational purchase.Bolt can’t run fast in sandals, of course, and if you try to replace Ferrari with Pilot Super Sport, you won’t find a model that works.If most of the traffic is going to and from work and stuck in the loop, consider fuel economy rather than chasing high speed targets.If the southern area is often wet and wet use, then a set of wetland adhesion is good choice for wetland tires.

2. What is the purpose of changing tires? If it is only because of the original tire aging tire change, and the original tire is more satisfied, then it is recommended to change the specifications, or even the model.That said, the original specifications are not necessarily the most suitable for the vehicle, the original tire specifications are a combination of fuel consumption, handling, cost and other factors to choose a compromise (hence the jeep guide 215/55R18 such strange combination).If the purpose of changing a tire is to upgrade the tire, such as improving tire quality, improving braking performance, improving tire noise (two common defects of the original tire), or to pursue visual impact effect, then it is necessary to specifically investigate the type of tire that meets the needs of changing a tire.Choosing high-performance brand tires or appropriately increasing the tire width will increase the adhesion of tires to the ground, and the vehicle will not easily slip when starting and braking, and the braking direction stability is better and the braking distance is shorter.Choice of comfortable tires, unique irregular pattern and rubber formula can effectively reduce the tire noise.The choice of large wheel hub + flat tire can bring the most intuitive visual impact.

3. What about the budget?Rich man, no money man is difficult, more budget can even tire with wheel hub upgrade one step in place, less budget can also choose tires within the budget range, less budget, but also can only change the drive wheel (half of the front drive, because the drive steering is in the front wheel, so wear is more serious).

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