Comfort,durability,safety and control-effective

ECO Comfort 53

  • Concise and fluent lines are showing the flexible and artistic pattern.
  • Three straight main grooves and serial rib are for excellent riding stability under both dry and wet road conditions.
  • Optimized pitch arrangement minimizes the noise level.
  • New-type environmental protection compound are adopted to lower the rolling resistance, and reduce the fuel consumption.
Size LI & SR Standard Rim Section Width (mm) Outer Diameter (mm) Max Load
Max Pressure
155/70R12 73T 4.50B 157 523 365 270
155/80R12 77S 4.50B 157 553 412 260
155/80R13 79S 4.50B 157 578 437 250
165/70R12 77T 5.00B 170 537 412 270

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