Who We Are?

Tanco was established in 1999. We are committed to providing quality tires and outstanding services to customers worldwide. With foundation of a complete industrial chain, including R&D, raw materials, manufacturing, branding and to end users, Tanco has got a unique advantage to keep providing new values to a customer oriented business growth.
QINGDAO TIMAX TIRE CO.,LTD is an expert tire manufacturer, established in 2008. Based on facilities covering 800,000 square meter and assets amounting USD108 million, TIMAX brand truck and bus radial tire annual production capacity reaches 1.5 million sets. With advanced production machinery and precision testing equipment, TIMAX brand tire production is in strict accordance with the ISO9001 and TS16949 standard. TIMAX brand tire holds international certificate of DOT, SMARTWAY, ECE, GCC and SONCAP, has running on the road of more than 80 different countries covering North America, Latin America, Asia and Africa.

In recent years, TANCO focus on improving the work of ONE-STOP procurement service. QINGDAO TIMAX TIRE CO.,LTD was set up for this purpose, supplying Chinese brand OTR \ PCR \ IND \ AGR \ motorcycle all series tires and TIMAX brand OEM wheel \ tube \ auto parts, facilitate overseas client ONE-STOP procurement of all demand products easily and efficiently.
Welcome to join us, our professional team is waiting for you, we’ll serve you the fastest and best both for pre-sale and after-sale. Let’s work together for establishing mutual benefit great cooperation.
Our mission is to earn and develop long lasting relationships with our customers and business partners, through responsive actions, a dedication to quality and the highest standard of manufacturing.

What we offer includes:

When we give you a better driving experience with our range of tires, we can guarantee you will be able to feel the difference. You'll experience a smoother, more comfortable ride. With our tires, you don't have to worry about your cargo suffering from bumps. We have tires made for rough terrain.

We offer enhanced tire performance to meet your specific needs. The tires we recommend are ideal for the load, terrain and handling your vehicle requires. We have tires designed to meet your ideal handling requirements.

Data provided by tire manufacturers, such as Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) testing and studies, EPA results show that certain tire models can reduce NOx emissions and save approximately 3% or more of the fuel used for New tires for long-haul trucks, for all three axles.

Timax tires have been undergoing intensive road testing to ensure we stand behind performance. Timax tires are 100% X-ray tested before dispatch. When you think of endurance, you should think of Timax tires. We will provide durable tires. This has a positive economic impact on both you and your truck performance. We can guarantee that your tires will last for a long time.

Our tires are reliable. We'll provide the ideal tire selection for the desired driving terrain, proper tire care, and you can rely on them not to let you down. Our tires are manufactured with you, our valued customer in mind.

At Timax Tires, we always want to make sure the tires always fit the needs of your vehicle.

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