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You will find Mickey Thompson wheels out on the drag strip

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-09-18

- The majority of Mickey Thompson wheels are load rated for 2,000-3,600 pounds each.

- For rim width information, always consult your vehicle manufacturer specifications. There are many different sizes of widths, and you will want to match them with the right tires for optimal performance.

- The classic Mickey Thompson Classic Lock wheels are street legal unlike most bead lock wheels. The Department of Transportation must approve a wheel for it to be classified as legal to take out on the streets.

- Make sure you do not air dry your Mickey Thompson wheels. For a perfect finish, you will want to wipe them off to avoid spots.

- Mickey thompson wheel choices include but are not limited to: Limited Edition series, HR-1 wheel, Classic II wheel, Pro-5 ET Drag wheel, HR-2 wheel, Classic Lock wheel, ET Drag wheel and Sidebiter. You can also find Mickey Thompson replacement caps and classic lock ring kits for sale.

- Look for Mickey Thompson wheels out on the drag strip where both cars and motorcycles are given superior attention.

- Consult the Mickey Thompson wheel fitment guide for guidance regarding which type and size of wheel to select. The guide can be found on the Mickey Thompson Web site.

- Show your approval and wear Mickey Thompson apparel.

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