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You've probably experienced your car's best behavior

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-09-24

For example, when the summer comes, it's always a good idea to consider summer tires for your car. One of the reasons to do so is the better traction and handling you get once you install the tires. You're probably aware of the skidding and handling problems of the various improper tires. Summer tires help you avoid them and it's best if you have them on in the summer season. The basic idea of season tires in general is that each tire is made for the specific season it's going to be used in, with the weather conditions in mind. So using summer tires in the winter , or vice versa, is a disaster waiting to happen.

Also, summer tires wear off harder during the summer , because the compound they're made out of is engineered to endure warmer weather and heated roads, has a higher temperature resistance and will allow you to drive your car longer during the summer while preserving the performance.

If you keep two sets of tires, summer and winter, for example, if you switch them every season it will take longer for them to wear off, but they will be just as cheap as, let's say, two sets of all-season tires. But while they have the same price, the performance is entirely different. You get comfort, stability and safety for pretty much the same price.

Changing tires isn't rocket science and you can do it by yourself, but most of the times car maintenance staff of the tire shop will take care of it for you , so you don't have to sweat over it, get all greased up and dirty. Tires are also stored easily if you remember some simple rules keep them in a cool, dry place (basements and garages are ideal for the purpose). To save space , you can pile them on top of each other, but not more than three tires on the same stack, because that compromises their quality.

So don't be afraid of buying tires you'll certainly enjoy driving your car after that.

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