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You've just bought your initial 4x4 car and you're

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-08-12

That is the feeling this vehicle infuses in anybody lucky to have this beast. After all, it can easily take on and comfortably handle just about any sort of road or weather conditions. However, as good as the vehicle may be, very often it is the blunder caused by overconfidence that leads to the maximum mishaps in these vehicles when you hit the trail.

This article gives you some trail tips that you will do well to follow for maximum safety and assured driving pleasure.

a) Be mindful about points beneath the vehicle that are susceptible to damage because of their lower position. The petrol tank and the gear box are the most important and you need to be aware of their location so that you are not very reckless when driving over bumps.

b) Check out the terrain conditions before hand when you are on trails that you are unfamiliar with. For instance, if you are about to go up or go down a steep slope, it is better to ascertain the degree or intensity of the slope and whether you would be rounding a corner as soon as you ascend or descend. Similarly, test out the depth of water or the presence of wet sands when you are driving through water.

c) Always be ready with a kit that has all essentials in place should you run into any kind of problems with your 4WD on terrain you have never been before. A spare petrol can, water, food, a strong rope that can be used to pull a vehicle and a shovel for digging out stuff that may be an impediment are all necessary items in this kit.

d) If you think you will be heading out to places where you are not likely to get mobile signals, then the two-way radio, GPS as well as maps are most vital to be carried along.

e) It is advisable to reduce tyre pressure when you hit off road terrain. However, get to know how much you have to knock off from an experienced trail rider or talk to the dealer so that you have just the right pressure on your tyres. Do not forget to return the tyre pressures to normal once you are back.

The above are some of the safety tips you need to follow in addition to some of the common ones like not over speeding or driving under influence of alcohol. Follow them and you would be able to enjoy your 4x4 to the maximum.

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