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by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-09-26

A typical road hazard warranty isn't necessarily the most expensive thing you can get for your car, but when most of us are looking for ways to cut costs, spending additional hundreds of dollars should have a good reason for doing so. So what is a road hazard warranty and what will it cover if you purchase it?

We all know that the road conditions aren't always perfect, especially if you have to drive far from large federal routes. Potholes, debris, garbage and other pleasant surprises can make you a good day not behind the wheel but on the roadside waiting for a towing truck. Of course, car tires are designed to serve for a long time, but you can't make them work like a charm if the roads you drive are just too bad to keep them intact for a long time. And in most cases tire manufacturers aren't providing any warranty against problems caused by factors other than actual tire defects.

So as you may guess, a road hazard warranty covers you against such unpleasant situations when the road condition has caused you trouble. Don't confuse it with car insurance, though. A typical car insurance policy won't cover you in case the car was damaged due to bad road condition because this doesn't involve accidents or any typical insurance situations that car insurance usually deals with. A simple piece of glass on the road won't be enough to file a claim, but it will be enough to make a hole in your tire and have you to spend some time and money on the fix. That's what road hazard warranty is for.

Depending on the extent you want to be covered for you can even get your whole tire replaced if it gets destroyed due to bad road condition. Sure it will cost you more, but it's much better than having to pay for a new set of tires from own pocket, right? In the end it comes to your actual needs and how often you have to deal with bad road conditions.

So, who road hazard warranty is for? It's apparent that such warranty is most appealing for those drivers who have to travel a lot across the country. If you spend most of your time driving major road and highways then you will feel road hazard warranty is useless for you. But if you have to drive many bad roads during your time on the road then you will definitely benefit from spending an additional buck for this type of warranty. Besides, some warranties will also include additional services such as tire balancing on a regular basis, which is a very nice feature for those facing bad road conditions on a regular basis.

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