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You could be travelling around Europe, going on

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-10-29

Use these questions to help figure out what's going to be best for you and your journey.

Who's going?

If you're travelling with family members then it is fairly inevitable that you need a car with some space. Seven-seater are usually quite cramped if all seats are filled and you have lots of bags. Two of the seats are in the boot so a lot of space is taken up.

If little ones are coming along and you need child seats, so make sure there will be space in the car. A lot of hatchbacks don't have space for three child seats in the back.

What are you taking?

If you are taking a lot of luggage, most rental companies have luggage racks for hire. It is worth ringing them in advance though as they may not have any available when you pick up the car. Some car leasing companies can also provide ski racks, snow chains and winter tyres - again, it is best to reserve these before hand.

What is it for?

A long road trip with five adults in a five-seater is likely to end up a little too cramped, so think big. A road trip is usually quite a significant time in someone's life and choosing a hire car for an exciting journey is important. An estate car or 4x4 would be a perfect motor for a journey like this. Also, are you going somewhere in the middle of summer? You'll probably want air conditioning!

If you want to rent a car to move (a student to or from university for example) you should consider leasing a van. People always underestimate the amount of space they need, so maybe getting something with a bit more room would be a better idea.

What's your price range?

This doesn't just mean the price of the car but also the extras, things such as a luggage rack or winter tyres can bring up the cost. Also, remember the fuel costs too, you may need to borrow this for a lengthy time so if you have picked something that doesn't have a very good MPG then it could end up being quite costly. So, work out the running costs ahead of time to be safe.

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