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With winter weather approaching quickly around the corner

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-08-21

Do not travel unprepared. It is very important to keep an emergency kit in the car and travel with a charged cell phone as you never know what type of trouble you may find yourself in during harsh weather conditions.

Do not follow other cars too closely. If a car stops quickly, the car behind it may not be able to stop.

Do not allow distractions to take focus away from the road.

Do not panic or slam on the brakes if skidding. According to AAA, when skidding, a driver should focus on the direction he or she is trying to go and the driver should steer the car the direction he or she wants the front of the car to go.

Do not skip the seatbelt. Even when driving carefully, everyone else may not be as cautious.

Do not exceed the speed limit or try to aggressively pass other vehicles. Ice patches are especially dangerous in situations like this.

Do not drive a vehicle that has not been prepared for winter driving conditions. The battery, lights and brakes should all be functioning well. The tires should be inflated properly and should have an appropriate amount of tread on them to help with traction on the road.

Do not pump the brakes in a car with an antilock brake system.

Do not let the gas tank get too empty. The gas line could freeze or if the car runs out of gas, the conditions outside may be too hazardous to walk in.

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