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With boating season quickly approaching, many

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-08-20

Many owners may already know Flagship Specialized Shippers as reliable shippers of large or oversized vessels, but the company is also able to move smaller vessels from place to place. This service is provided by the company that knows what it is doing. Unless there are issues, most small boat transport can begin within a week of the schedule being confirmed. The company can pick up the vessel and deliver it to its destination using the highest standards of safety and care.

Small boat transport takes place on the owner's trailer for the vessel. This is known as a 'tow and go' service, and is generally less costly than other forms of boat shipping. It is important, however, that owners understand that their boat trailers must be road worthy before the service can be scheduled. Flagship Specialized Shippers offers boat owners a free guide to trailer safety which they encourage owners to download. If a trailer is simply not up to standards, or if the owner does not have a trailer, arrangements can be made with FSS for delivery on one of their in-house trailers.

For those considering any type of small boat transport this season, it is wise to go over the trailer. Some of the most important parts of the trailer to examine before using the boat trailer are the wheel bearings. Generally, if wheel bearings have not been serviced in the last six months they should be serviced before using the trailer for transport purposes. As a trailer moves down the road, the bearings will build up extreme heat which can cause a failure if the bearings have not been properly serviced. Trailers that have been exposed to salt water are especially at risk as salt water is corrosive and can break down bearing grease easily.

Owners should also examine the wiring and lighting systems to ensure that all lights, including brake lights and turn signals, are working properly. It is always a good practice to examine the coupler closely as well. A weak or broken coupler can cause dangerous conditions if it fails while the trailer is in use. Tires should be inspected and repaired or replaced if needed. And, of course, inspecting and testing the brakes should be performed before each and every use, but especially before scheduling a small boat transport service.

Any reliable small boat transport service will want to ensure that the trailer is safe for use during the haul. Even small occurrences while on the road can lead to devastation. Ensuring the trailer is safe is therefore priority for everyone who wishes to have a safe, uneventful trip.

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