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With all the cold weather that we have had this year

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-09-17

First thing to remember is that you are nevever totally in control of your car.When driving on pavement without ice or snow your tires contact the pavement and the pavement has a higher frictional coefficient and it is much easier to brake and turn.

With ice and snow you won't be able to stop as quikly and depending on the depth of the snow you may skid in a different direction when braking.So,rule number on is drive slower and try to anticipate ahead of time when you may need to stop.A sudden stop may cause you to run off the road.

If you do find yourself in a skid generally skid in the direction of the skid and try to regain traction.Pump your brakes or let the autobraking system do it for you if you have ABS.Four wheel drve is nohelp when it comes to stopping but all weather or snow tires may be a great help.But remember the best way to control a car in a skid is to avoid the skid by driving slowly.

When going over an overpass, remember this is the area where ice is most likely to form because skidding danger is a lot higher. And the key is Drive Slowly and anticipate point where you might have to stop so you don't end up skidding.If it is your first tme driving on snow view it as training and go extra slow

Good luck and remember Slow,Slow Slow!

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