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Winter is the worst time for car accidents. Most

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-09-25

Follow the Road Rules

If temperatures are below freezing, it's wise to slow down. Don't go above the speed limit. And if it is actively snowing or sleeting, you need to drive even slower. Give yourself more distance between you and other cars than you normally would. Brake gently. Driving carefully and following the rules reduces your chances of skidding, and mitigates the effects of any potential accident.

Service Your Car

You need your car to be in peak performance during this season. You don't want to break down or change your tire in freezing temperatures. Make sure everything is working well, especially your battery and cooling system. Check and double check your tire pressure and levels of antifreeze. Do this after the temperature has cooled, because your car physically changes in cold weather.

Get the Right Equipment

Buy snow tires and heavy-duty windshield wipers. These two auto parts can make a huge difference in driving safely. Good traction and good visibility are of the utmost importance during extreme weather.

Make sure your trunk is fully stocked, too. Waterproof gloves and an ice scraper are absolutely necessary. You might also want to get some rock salt and snow chains if you live in a particularly wintery climate.

Be Prepared

In the warmer months, it's okay to hold off on filling up the tank or changing the oil. Not so much in the winter. Keep your gas tank filled or close to filled at all times. Put a fresh change of oil in the car early in the season. Identify any potential future problems and take preliminary measures to make sure they don't happen. Even the smallest problem on the road can be exacerbated by the cold weather and dangerous driving conditions.

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