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Winter heralds tougher driving conditions in Belfast

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-10-02

# Flexibility

# Better grip on the road in bad weather

# Additional rubber and grooves in a variety of patterns that pierce the snow or ice on the road

# Improved control over driving

# Safety

Even if you go in for cheap winter tyres in Belfast, it is important to get them professionally fitted according to the car manufacturer's specifications for your vehicle.

Just remember that when it comes to winter tyres in Belfast, it is critical to adhere to the following:

Always go in for a full set of four as replacing only one or two with winter tyres can lead to unsteady driving, which is dangerous.

Since your driving speed is likely to be slower during winter, it is advisable to reduce your tyres' speed rating.

If your work takes you through ice, snow and slush filled roads, change to snow tyres for the extra grip and road traction, helping you drive with confidence and ensure your safety

Switching to snow tyres will avoid spinning out of control on gradients and fishtailing around corners, which can be fatal.

Your vehicle's anti lock brake system and traction depend on the efficient performance of your tyres and this is a vital reason to make sure your tyres are ready for snowy weather.

If you have a SUV or four wheel drive vehicle, it does not automatically ensure your driving safety in snow. Even though four wheel drives are more adept at accelerating and better navigating corners, they are just the same as other vehicles when it involves coming to a stop abruptly.

Another option is all season tyres, which are better than regular tyres with their extra features but not as good as winter tyres as the road conditions are harsher than during more clement weather. The all season option is suitable for all types of moderate weather and to an extent, wet roads but snow can get in the treads, making it harder to get a grip.

When should you shop for winter tyres in Belfast?

When the weather stabilizes to 10 degrees Celsius or lower, consider getting your snow tyres fitted, preferably with separate rims. After the temperature begins to rise, switch back to your regular wheels to prevent wear. To have them ready for use next winter, store them in a dry and cool place in the storage bags that come with them to avoid cracking and warping. Lay them flat on the floor and stacked and away from electric machinery to avoid damage.

While shopping cheap tyres in Belfast, talk to a few stores to get an idea of the different options available to you. Do not forget to refer to your vehicle owner's manual for the exact specifications recommended.

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