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by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-08-17

If you operate cheap parcel delivery UK services or are involved with large item delivery take heed of what has been happening this month to lorry drivers on Britain's roads recently because usually where there is one crackdown of a particular sector, another is likely to follow and who knows which sector will be next?

170 Offences Committed by Lorry Drivers in Suffolk

Last week, the police spent 5 days apprehending HGV lorry drivers in Suffolk who had committed a staggering 170 offences related to putting other road users at risk.

The campaign was launched by Suffolk Police aimed at discovering a diversity of offences, especially those that cause drivers to become distracted such as mobile phone use. Three dual carriageways were monitored in Suffolk including the A12, A11 and A14.

120 Driver Apprehended for not Wearing Seatbelts

120 drivers were apprehended, over the 5 days of the campaign, for not wearing a seatbelt and each had to pay 60 in fixed penalty. So if you are operating a cheap parcel delivery UK business make sure that you are wearing a seatbelt because 60 will definitely eat into your profit.

25 Drivers using Mobile Phones

Drivers using mobile phones totalled 25 and were handed fixed penalty notices of 60 together with endorsements on their licences of 3 penalty points. If you are on a large item delivery and getting freight alerts or calls on your mobile pull off the road to receive them because losing 60 can make a real difference to your profit margin not to mention accumulating points.

3 Drivers Caught Speeding

3 drivers were caught speeding and as we have mentioned many times before, couriers generally are in a hurry whether involved in cheap parcel delivery services, large item delivery UK or indeed any type of delivery but speeding is just not worth the risk. The fines, points and danger associated with speeding can affect not only your business but also your personal safety.

11 Drivers not in Control of their Vehicles

The remaining 11 cases identified during the 5 day campaign related to 'not being in proper control of the vehicle'where some drivers were caught using a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) and one was cigarette rolling whilst using his elbows to steer the vehicle.

10 Vehicle Defect Offences

In addition there were 10 vehicle defect offences including defective brakes, broken wing mirrors and windscreens with cracks in them. Few drivers realise how important it is to make sure that their vehicles do not have defects because it is possible to accumulate the maximum 12 points on a licence in just one day. For example, a tyre that does not have the legal amount of tread constitutes a vehicle defect offence and will attract 3 penalty points. However, if all four tyres are bald that constitutes 4 vehicle defect offences and hence, 12 points.

Because of the success of the campaign the police in Suffolk are planning similar operations in the coming months so cheap parcel delivery UK services and large itemdelivery businesses pay close attention to this post because your sector could easily be next whether in Suffolk or anywhere else in the UK.

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