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by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-11-11

One of the most common places for accidents is in work or construction zones. Roads that are under repair are often uneven or narrower than roads that are fully functional. In your driving manual, make sure you stress the importance of slowing down when entering a work zone. Most people are used to driving small vehicles and may not realize that the size of your food truck is significantly larger than that of their everyday vehicle. The time it takes to slow down or change direction in a larger commercial vehicle is significantly longer than in most passenger cars.

Performing all regular required maintenance on your food truck is also very important to your overall driving safety. Keeping up with your oil changes and most importantly your break inspections and tire changes, will keep your truck running safely. If you allow your trucks maintenance schedule to fall behind you are risking the chance that more severe damage will be caused by your neglect or even worse an integral part of your truck will fail and cause an accident. You manual should include regular visual inspections by you or your employees to make sure the wind shield wipers have fluid, the tires are properly inflated, and other simple truck care chores.

In addition to having a section dedicated to truck maintenance, you should also dedicate an area of your manual to driver maintenance. Many workers are afforded a second chance if they make a mistake, but one place you should never give a second chance is driving under the influence. You should set up and communicate with your employees that you have a zero tolerance policy against using any form of drugs or alcohol before coming to work or during work. You should also encourage workers to get enough rest so that their reaction time is at its best while on the job. You as an employer have a responsibility to ensure your employees have a proper lunch time so that they can maintain their energy throughout the day and take a much needed break from the hectic job of running a food truck.

Include all of these details in your safety manual and you will protect your food truck investment and your employees.

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