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While the changing of seasons from summer to fall

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-09-29

As fall months hit, drivers should take a moment to ensure their tires are up to the recommended pressure. The cooler temperatures of autumn mean the air in car tires will contract; decreasing tire pressure and reducing traction. Similarly, this loss in pressure will make vehicles handling heavy and reduce their mpg rating.

While many love the beautiful changing color of leaves in the fall, once on the ground they can create hazardous conditions for drivers. Wet leaves can be deceivingly slippery while on roads, and piles raked to the curb create blind spots for passing vehicles. Slowing down and driving cautiously when approaching both of these areas will reduce the chance of an accident. Furthermore, fallen leaves are not just a danger to moving vehicles either. Parking atop dry foliage can easily spark fires; as the hot underbelly of cars will ignite the plant material.

Often, months in the latter portion of the year bring higher amounts of rainfall than that of spring or summer. Those who are not prepared for these wet conditions greatly increase the chance of incident while driving. Ensuring the good working order of windshield wipers is a simple way of improving visibility while behind the wheel. Also, tires having proper amounts of tread can prevent loss of traction while in wet conditions. No matter the vehicle, drivers should always slow down and prevent sudden wheel movements while driving on a road with excess water. In the situation that a car feels as if it is hydroplaning, drivers should hold a straight course and slowly reduce the throttle until the tires once again are on the road. Of course if necessary, turning hazard lights on and pulling to the side of the road is always a safe option in heavy downpours.

Statistics show that the upcoming season is the one of the worst for drivers when considering accidents caused by deer and other woodland animals. The fall is when deer show the most activity as it is their time for mating and migration. Those who live in areas where deer presence is prevalent should be cautious of darting deer, especially in evening hours.

Taking these precautions and preventative measures will better ensure a safe fall season for all. Safe travels!

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