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While checking the performance of cars, we measure

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-11-02

Today when everyone is fan of sporty look of the cars and wants to get one, we all know the technology of lowering springs have become successful. So when we use the lowering springs in our cars, we know the lowering of the body actually lowers the suspension of the car. This can have a severe impact on camber angles. Therefore camber angles also need to be adjusted accordingly. Or this can worsen the condition of tyres. So whenever thinking of renovating the looks of the car, one must also consider camber kits too and leave it considering it as just another technical issue and, therefore should consult a professional first.

The camber angles need to be slightly negative as negative cambers can easily turn the corners at relatively high speeds. Therefore in high performance cars slight negative angle is preferred. But making it too much negative will lead to high damage to the tyres of the car. In easy words the alignment precision comes using the camber kits. And we all know the importance of correct alignments in the safe driving.

With changes done in car, the type of camber kits used is also changed. Many types of camber kits are available in afterpart market. But before buying, expert advice must be sought. And the installation also depends on the type which we want to get installed. For example, installing shim- and-washer design is very easy and can easily be installed by an amateur too with little guidance. But for complicated camber kits, it would be relevant to seek expert help. Correct installation is highly required for longer life of tyres.

Sometimes people consider changing camber kits as an additional expense and ignore them. But in long run, their ignorance lead to greater loss as the performance of the car gets degraded. So it is advisable, to consider them as a requirement for getting smooth performance from the car and must be installed at right time immediately when required, especially when lowering springs have been installed, one should always keep a check on camber angles too. And thus protecting the tyres of cars too and adding years to them.

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