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Whether you take your vehicle out daily or weekly

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-09-23

In January 2009, a city like London usually enjoys milder winter chills compared to the rest of the country but due to its urban heat trend, was struck with heavy snowfall! Hence despite the relatively warmer temperatures, forecast conditions for London can be just as unpredictable as the rest of the English weather unless consistently tracked locally. There are many watch and warning tools offered by weather services, even made specifically for a particular extremity, which exactly serve the purpose of commuting safely with adequate preparation.

Vehicle Maintenance

The first places to look up in any vehicle in winter are those which are most vulnerable to low temperatures such as oil, power steering fluids, fuel and air filters, battery and ignition system's condition. Then you should check all the devices built in or installed to deal with cold weather such as anti-freeze, thermostat, heaters and defrosters, exhaust system and so on. Finally, you should check if the vehicle mechanics are properly functional including the brakes, transmission, tires, wiper blades, de-icing washer fluid, all kinds of lights, fog lamps and door locks which should be preferably lubricated anyways.

Winter Driving

It is essential to keep sufficient amount of time dedicated to commuting during the wet damp slippery days for a safe distance from other vehicles has to be maintained and power braking cannot be resorted to. It's a good habit to heed to the instructions laid out by the Department of Transportation ensuing from relevant winter weather forecasts. Potentially icy areas along with freezing rains are best to be avoided while taking alternative routes. Moreover you should have a dedicated winter survival kit ready in your vehicle especially if you're about to engage in long drives.

Winter Survival Kit

A spare tire with tools, repairing kit and pump should be present in any vehicle at any time of the year. The first-aid kit, prescription medication, a multipurpose knife and tow chain also add to the above list of must-haves. A winter-specific survival kit should include extra warm clothing, bottled water, juices or energy drinks, non-perishable high-energy foods along with blankets, sleeping bags and flashlight or battery powered lantern. For the vehicle, jumper cables, ice scraper, snow brush and an inexpensive de-icer such as sodium chloride are essential especially if heavy frosting constitutes a normal winter as is the case of Leeds weather. Some other survival tools such as snow shovel, rope, matches and emergency flares can also be kept handy if long trips are on calendar or if local weather demands so. To be able to gauge the risks is probably the most important and instinctive task when it comes to winter driving.

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