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by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-11-05

Drive Settings And How To Handle Them

4WD SUVs generally possess three drive selector train settings: the 2WD, 4 high, and 4 low settings. These settings are there to simply inform the driver about the number of wheels engaged by the vehicle during the drive at any particular point in time and what is the power that is being used up by the tyres at that time.

For example, once the vehicle is within 2WD, just two wheels are being used to move the vehicle, very much like a standard vehicle. Once the 4H setting is chosen, the behaviour would be exactly like a 4x4 automobile, more energy is used up by the tyres, and you can really step on the gas to experience that power and exhilaration associated with high speed on the freeways. 4L on the other hand is referred to as 'granny gear'; all wheels engaged at that time possess the maximum energy and you would have no choice but to drive the vehicle slowly.

In most cases, the 4WD SUV consumes the majority of its time with the 2WD setting engaged. That is because, fuel efficiency needs to be maintained and on the dry paved roads, you do not require any other setting to be chosen. But since road conditions are never the same at all times, you may require to switch to 4H when confronted with roads that are slippery due to ice and flaky conditions. The 4L setting is rarely chosen on highways, due to its restrictive performance on highways.

Now the 4L setting cannot be chosen without the driver getting into either parking or the neutral mode and for that he has to stop the vehicle. This ensures that the 4L can never be selected when the vehicle is in motion. Just for your information, when you do set your 4WD into 4L mode, you usually hear a 'clunk' confirming that the setting has been engaged properly and only then should you proceed further with the setting.

Another rule of thumb that is necessary to mention here is not to drive the 4WD SUV off road through water or gravel that is much deeper than about half the height of your wheel. The accent should be on slow driving in such terrain and you need to clearly understand that since driving the 4WD SUV is much different than driving a car or even a truck, you would have to take time to master it before trying any experimentation.

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