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When you have friction tires installed in your car

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-09-26

For tire maintenance there are three easy steps that you need to follow. The first step is to visually inspect the friction tire. This step is known as the look step. If you are not able to observe wear in this step then you should inspect it by feeling the tread of the tire. This step will enable you to pinpoint the exact spot where the tire is losing its shape. The third step is to test the pressure inside all four friction tires. This can be done with the help of a pressure gauge which you can buy easily.

Now coming to the point of what you actually need to inspect in the tire. You should cover all points of the tire. First you should test the outer tread of friction tires. When tires are underinflated for a long time their outer treads wear much more quickly than other parts. Proper inflation can prevent extensive tire damage especially to its outer part. Then there is also the middle tread which you need to look at. Wear in the middle tread is indicative of constant high air pressure in the tires. This wear in the middle portion affects the working of the whole tire. Besides air pressure there are other causes of wear of the middle tread of friction tires. One common cause is using narrow rims in wide tires.

You may also notice wear in the outer and inner rib of the tire. This is generally caused by the misalignment of the tire which eventually reduces the lifetime of the friction tire and hence this problem needs to be taken care of immediately to prevent excessive damage to them. If you feel that degradation of the tire is beyond repair then you should purchase new friction tires for your car. It is not at all advisable to rely on those tires that have already been damaged and which will compromise your safety and that of the car.

You may need to repair friction tires more often if you mostly drive your car in harsh terrains or in adverse climatic regions such as rainy or snowy regions. In the end the decision of buying friction tires is up to you but in doing so you should definitely consider whether saving money or safety is your priority.

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