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When tires don't make noise your car is on the

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-08-14

If your car stuck in snow pour sand, gravel or salt after removing away some ice from the wheels for traction. Go forward and reverse with slight touch of gas till you come out from hurdle.

In falling snow condition always use deep head lights or fog light (when you cannot see from 100 meters) but not in improved condition. Cars battery, head lights and tail lights makes difference in snowy ride. It is far better not to ride in snowy condition unless there is an emergency.

Avoid in snowy condition:

* Sharp braking

* Frequently braking

* Sharp acceleration

* Gear changing

* Fast turning

* Desolate roads

* Hilly driving

* Grip less tires

* Unclear tire track

* Short cut

* Wet shoes

* Fluctuation in speed

* High revs

* Short stopping distance

* Driving without fog lights

Keep it with you:

* Fully charged battery

* Latest information about weather

* First aid kit

* Warm clothes

* Snow shoes

* Ice scraper

* Torch

* Warning flares or triangle

* Jump leads

* Tow rope

* De-icier spray

* Shovel

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