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When moved to Chicago from Helsinki few years ago

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-10-30

Also found many manufacturers offer unconditional guarantees, after carefully reading the documentation you would find what unconditional guarantee means, there are certain criteria you should full fill before unconditional guarantee applies, below I have mentioned some points.

You have to prove that the tyres where inflated to the given recommended pressure by tyre manufacturer at all time.

Prove that the tyres were cross rotated every 3500 miles

Documented proof that the car suspension geometry has never been changed.

Never you over loaded the car then the prescribed weight limits.

Proof that you are safe driver and never drove the car over 80 mph.

The difficult part - you have to proof that the car was never left in the sun or out in the winter freezing days.

You should have not driven your car on a freeway

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If you are able to comply and prove this above conditions, then you are able to claim unconditional tyre warranty given by Tyre manufacturers. I guess we don't buy cars to keep it in an environment controlled facility, cars are bought to be use in hostile weather as well, and then why tyre manufactures would like to offer such guarantees which can never be claimed by anyone. If you are buying a used car make sure that the tires are worth driving or you could have flat tires often said one of the NYC Sell Car dealer

If you want to care for your tyre than one should select the tyres based on weather conditions you live in, tyres are available for wet weather, mud driving, summer tyre and off course all weather tyre which normally we prefer. If you are living in Finland were winter temperatures are below freezing it is advisable you use winter tires, as winter tires are designed to have better road grip in snow as well as road ice.

For some reason you are not able to decide which one is best for you visit your regular Auto mechanic or sell used Car NYC dealer they will be able to help you in selecting what is right for you.

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