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When living somewhere arctic, like in Finland,

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-08-30

People make themselves believe that there are so many good reasons to buy modern SUVs. There is really only one good reason and that is heavy winter. To summer cottages you can actually almost always get with your two wheel drive, you can even tow a boat with a fairly small car these days but you can't survive the winter with a toddler. Or can you?

I have had a small Hyundai Getz for a bit over a month now. It is the very heart of winter and I live in the very heart of the city. This equation means no parking spaces and semi-hard uphills with a lot of ice. The winter and all of its ups and downs can actually be managed with a really good set of tires (in Finnish: renkaat). With proper wheels on and great tires you can get along just fine even with a smaller car. I have travelled through hell and beyond this winter with my Getz and having a good set of Nokia Hakkapeliitta winter tires on makes it actually really comforting.

The thing about Finnish winter and the mentality towards it is that it always lasts too long, everyone seems to have their opinion about it and it looks like it is filling two thirds of our year with snow. Still the winter always comes as a surprise to the drivers.

Really, though, having a 4x4 is a great solution for the winter but if you can't afford it or you are perfectly happy with your two wheel drive then just go for proper winter tires. They are better than a life insurance and cheaper than the first pole you're about to hit with the old tires. Be smart.

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