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Wheel alignment is the procedure or part of maintenance

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-09-27

For carrying out the wheel alignment there are different methods and techniques that are used. One is the manual calibration process, but that technique is not accurate as the adjuster has no idea about the angles. Such type of positioning completely relies on the instinct of the repair man.

Modern techniques is making use of state of the art 3D alignment machine, which with almost 100% accuracy perform the operation of calibration and human involvement just remain to monitoring and putting on the clamp.

Principle of Operation of Wheel Alignment:

Before starting the alignment, accurate positions (original position) of wheels is determined. Through center of four wheels and its target disks, the plane (& central line) is determined on which alignment will be carried out. Now, once done then calculated and present position of lines is compared and required.

Alignment Process:

The car is parked in the nearby area of the machine. Now there is a set of clamp (for the four tires) which is placed, these clamps will be used for putting up the pressure on the tires during clamping process. These clamps are equipped with rotating jaws which are fixed on the tires and tighten them. One of the function of these clamps is to make it sure that during the wheel alignment, clamps don't loose out.

In 3D wheel alignment machine, a 3D model is generated of car tires having the original position. The clamp produces signal and machine puts up the car co-ordinates on the screen. Through intelligent wheel measurement (diameter and heights) system installed in the system, complete 3D view of car is generated on the screen.

Advantage of 3D Wheel Alignment:

The basic advantage of using 3D machine for the calibration of wheel is that, users have various options, like that they can adjust height of vehicles as per the need, using embedded systems of height, weight, angle calculation and cameras, complete work of wheel alignment is automatic.

These are the basic guidelines on which 3D wheel alignment works upon, there are different variation in terms of modules and option available in the machines.

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