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What pair of tires makes your car move: the rear

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-08-28

For a simpler explanation on the link between the engine and a drivetrain, imagine yourself on a stage as a curtain puller. As you pull the rope, the mechanism works to open or close the curtains depending on the movement of the rope. It can be said that a car's drivetrain works the same as the curtain mechanism. The engine provides the torque to help the drivetrain move, prompting the entire car to move as well.

As mentioned previously, there are four kinds of drivetrains: four-wheel (4WD), all-wheel (AWD), rear-wheel (RWD), and front-wheel (FWD). You may wonder why all cars cannot agree on a universal drivetrain. This is because each drivetrain has pros and cons when the car is exposed to different driving conditions.

For example, FWD and RWD are different in terms of where the drivetrain mechanism is placed: FWD is located at the front axle and RWD at the rear. FWD cars have better traction on slippery surfaces like wet or icy roads. The RWD system, on the other hand, is simplistic in design, has a better weight distribution, and is cheaper to fix or maintain.

Technology brought about the fading division of AWD and 4WD. A trusted auto dealer Indianapolis has to offer will tell you that both drivetrains differ. The AWD system is basically an integration and balance of both the FWD and RWD systems. Conversely, a 4WD system is more flexible although it behaves the same as an AWD system.

In an AWD system, both axles provide moving power for the car, giving it stability and traction. While a 4WD can give you the same results, you can toggle between two- and four-wheel drives. The Hyundai dealers Indianapolis residents visit sell 4WD systems commonly found in off-road vehicles, allowing drivers to adapt to any driving condition.

Visit The Car Connection at for more info on the different drivetrains and their features. You can also check out to determine which of the two rival drivetrains you should buy from established auto dealers Indianapolis has to offer.

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