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by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-10-30

The idea of the tyre was elaborated from the wheel. The wheel is considered to be one of man's greatest inventions and has made life very easy for us. The first wheel of course was wooden. There are a lot of problems that a wooden wheel faces and hence there was a need for it to be further developed in order to create a unit which allows for smooth travel on the roads and unites the dexterity of modern technology with the traditional design: the tyre we use today!

The first tyre was made of bands of metal. Iron and later steel were used to coat the wooden wheel to allow for smoother road travel. Metal was also sturdier and hence prevented the damage that could be cause to the wheel. However this was soon replaced by synthetic rubber and natural rubber in many cases. The metal still exists in the tyres today but in a smaller quantity.

The metal tyres in previous days were extremely uncomfortable and did not allow for smooth maneuvering of the vehicle. This causes the rider/driver to have headaches and feel dizzy. John Boyd Dunlop, in 1887 developed the pneumatic tyre. Sadly, his rights over the tyre were not accepted and Scot Robert William Thomson was considered to be the inventor of the tyres that used fabric and wires instead of a metal frame.

As the automobile industry began to grow the need for tyres and their progress also became equally important. The tyres today are made up of a body and the tread. The tread is the rubber extensions on the surface of the tyre which provides it with friction for the grip. The tread is extremely important to ensure that the vehicle moves well and does not skid or cause any trouble. The body of the tyre provides support. Every tire has a specified amount of tread which is authorized and valued by the government.

Other than the tread one has to keep their eye on the alignment and balance of the tyre , the pressure and the ton kilometer per hour which is the amount of work load a vehicle is used to doing on the specific tyre that it has.

Tyres are available in various dimensions and sizes. Vehicles which are built for speed have very thick tyres while those which function slower have thinner tyres. Most vehicles have different tyres which are specific to the nature of the work it is performing. The price of the tyres differs from manufacturer to manufacturer.

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