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War in the Middle East is becoming the norm than

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-08-25

What make us vulnerable to oil prices is that fact that we are dependent on oil from Arab nations to fuel our industries and our vehicles. Ex CIA head, James Woolsey may be correct in saying that we should not allow ourselves to be vulnerable to oil and look for other alternative energy source. Well, until big car manufacturers start making hybrid or battery cars, then I guess we have no choice but to stick on our gasoline fuelled cars in the meantime.

To help us save on our gas money while increasing gas mileage on our cars. Here are helpful tips from Edmonton Toyota dealers:

Make sure that your car is in good running condition at all times. A poorly maintained car or engine consumes more gas compared to a sound car. Take your car to the nearest Edmonton Their very modern and computerized diagnostic can give you an accurate condition of your car in no time.

Back in the days when gasoline is cheap, you can drive to your heart's content. Now that gas is not so cheap and you want to stretch your gas money, it is wise to plan your trips. If you have the urge to go somewhere but realized it's not necessary at all, then by all means don't.

Refrain from using your aircon if you can by without it. If the weather is cool and the breeze is blowing, roll down your windows and feel the air in your face. Using your car aircon eats up additional fuel.

Do away with unnecessary stuff in your car. Don't bring a lot of things especially heavy ones. Less car weight, less gas consumption.

Change your winter tires to summer tires. Winter tires are soft and tend to rub deeply in the road creating friction. More road friction, more gas needed to run your car.

Don't allow your engine to stay idle for a long time. Switching off your car when not moving will make you save gas.

Close your windows if you're speeding up. Driving fast with your windows open can have a dragging effect in your car. Your engine works a bit harder and consumes more fuel than when your windows are closed.

Pump your tires. Make sure your tires have sufficient air pressure. Soft and sagging tires increase road friction. If you are not quite sure of the proper pressure for your tires, visit an Edmonton used car dealer, they will be glad to help you.

Drive smaller cars. They are more fuel efficient that large car. If you don't really need a lot of space in your car, then a smaller car will do.

Avoid stepping hard and often on your accelerator. Stop revving your car unnecessarily it waste gas.

Keep enough distance from the car ahead of you. Imagine another car in between, that is the ideal distance. Tailgating especially during heavy traffic will make you frequently step on your accelerator and brakes. It can easily tire you and make you irritable. I remember an Edmonton used car dealer who told me about a road rage in the middle of a heavy traffic caused by an irate driver.

Following the above tips from a Toyota dealer will not only make you save money on gasoline, but it will also do good to mother nature.

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