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Waless Waterless Car Wash is now open in Dubai

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-08-22

Car Wash can be used on all solid, smooth surfaces. It will wash, wax, polish and protect everything on the car everything except the tires, carpet and upholstery. Freedom ONE is very light and easy-to-use and is our best selling waterless car wash product. Find out for yourself. We have a No-Risk, 100% money back guarantee.

The science behind the product: When sprayed onto the surface, the soaps and special lubricants in Freedom ONE will liquefy and dissolve dirt on contact. The damp, product soaked microfiber towel will clean the surface and soak up the liquefied dirt. Microfiber towels can soak up 9 times its weight in water. These high quality towels pull the dirt away from the surface and protect it from scratching. The second microfiber towel is used to buff off the remaining polymer residue and into a brilliant shine. There are no wax smearing on windows and no white residue on rubber trim.

For best results, please follow the 'how to use' instructions below. They are also located on the label of each product.

Dampen the first microfiber towel with clean water and ring out well.

Fold this first towel in fourths and spray Freedom ONE Super Polymer onto it.

Spray Freedom ONE onto the surface of the vehicle too. (Please limit cleaning to a 24'x 24' area, or smaller, at a time.)

Gently rub the product in with the first towel.

Quickly switch to a clean, folded, dry microfiber towel and buff off the residue before it dries.

Repeat steps 1-5 until vehicle is clean.

Tips: Work from top of the roof around in the car in circles. Working your way lower and lower as you circle the car, and ending at the bottom-side sections of the vehicle with it clean.

After using Freedom ONE the first 1-2 times, you will find your car will be very slick and should stay clean for weeks. For best results, clean/ touch-up your car once per week. Your car will look great at all times. Enjoy

IMPORTANT: Be very aware of the surface you are cleaning. If you feel the surface is too soiled, sandy or gritty...DO NOT USE FREEDOM PRODUCTS on this surface. Freedom products are common sense products. You must first completely remove caked-on dirt, mud, sand or grit with water before using the waterless car wash product. Road grime, dust and pollen are easily cleaned with Freedom ONE. Freedom ONE can easily be used on a wet or dry car in the sun or the shade, but in the shade has the best results.

Freedom ONE has been certified to be biodegradable with test results of 99% biodegradable. EPA approval is expected in 2009.

Our online storefront is intended for lower 48 states/ USA orders only - Hawaii, Alaska & Overseas customers please inquire about shipping terms and quotes.

We recommend only using high quality microfiber towels with the Freedom products. The microfiber towels can be washed and reused 100's of times. They are washed in the washing machine with regular detergent, but may become coarse and brittle over time.

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