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Urethane chocks are the most heavy duty wheel

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-09-24

Wheel Chock Durability

Wheel chocks are under a lot of pressure - literally - to perform well. A load capacity of 105 tons is expected from a Road Block wheel chock designed to fit under a tire size of 105 inches. It may be able to handle that size of a vehicle, but again, because of the RIM technology, it weighs only 25 pounds for a 17' x 14' x 14' product. Urethane chocks for construction come in many different sizes for specific wheel sizes to be the most effective for the use. It's important to place the chock in the center of the tire on a firm surface for the best performance. A wheel chock should always be removed before moving the truck or tractor, for it can cause damage not only to the chock, but also possibly to the vehicle. Rolled over chocks do not usually hold on to their warranty, and they will not be as effective in the future.

OSHA Safety

With OSHA established to ensure the safety of all workers including construction workers, they have even included safety guidelines regarding these chocks. To protect a construction company from a roll away truck or trailer, urethane chocks can keep that possibility in check. OSHA details three safety recommendations for the chocks - and although not specifically for construction vehicles, they refer to truck loading and unloading. These specs also note that the chocks be placed on at least two tires and that the vehicle is placed in Park and the emergency brake set. To find out more, search for OSHA specifications 1910.178k, 1910.178m and 1910.111f.

Wheel Chock Options

A urethane wheel chock provides maximum friction between road and the tire. They can be surprisingly lightweight even with the larger size needed for various construction vehicles. Special accessories can be purchased for various chocks that add gripping power on uneven or icy surfaces. Other accessories include mounting brackets for easier transport in the truck, and ropes to tie the chocks together.

Heavy duty urethane wheel chock is an item to be checked off every construction site workers list of needed safety products.

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