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Ultra High Performance tyre with high-end all season touring design, provides overlong mileage and excellent performance in both dry and wet conditions. The low heat compound delivers security in long journey. The optimized section design improves comfort much. The asymmetrical, unidirectional tread design provides excellent handling and comfort. All season design delivers excellent wet grip. It delivers all outstanding performance and brings you excellent fun of driving. Security and green design, make it to be preferred choice for luxury cars. Her stable performance is worthy of your trust. The updated SSBR and silica compound provide excellent wet grip, much reduced rolling resistance,and terrific handling in high speed. Revolutionary tread design, rising strength from inside to outside, can deal with both smooth mountain road and downpour highway, at leisure. The dramatic 2 central big grooves with special compound,enhances efficient water evacuation to deal with all conditions. Sipes on outside shoulder enhance turning handling and low down noise in high speed.

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