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Tyre pressure monitoring sensors are a form of

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-09-28

They were first adopted by the European market, where they were used as a luxury, optional feature for vehicles in the 1980s. They were often used on high end, expensive cars such as the Porsche, but these days they are a crucial system for all vehicles.

Tyre pressure sensors are essential for both mechanics and vehicle owners. Each device is easy to use, and can quickly and accurately measure the air pressure in your tyres. Underinflated tyres cause cars to use more fuel and are the cause of many road accidents. Prevent this from happening and purchase the correct diagnostic equipment for your car.

Tyres with the correct air pressure last longer and have high quality stability, power, handling and braking efficiencies. This provides a safer, efficient and more enjoyable travelling experience for you and your passengers.

Diagnostic Tools

There are a wide range of tyre pressure systems available to suit your budget and vehicle requirements. The Eurodiag diagnostic tool is easy to use and gives a clear indication of the tyre's needs and requirements. Through reacting with the power station involved in the function, the Eurodiag provides an accurate, reliable reading in a matter of seconds. Like many systems, it has a USB port, an ideal feature for connecting the device to a computer and printing out your diagnostic reports. The Eurodiag tyre pressure sensor can also be updated with the internet via an SD card.

Tyre pressure sensors work by using either a direct or indirect system. Direct systems connect with sensors located in the tyres. Indirect systems calculate the tyre pressure through measuring wheel speed and other vehicle sensors. Information collected by the tyre pressure sensor is transmitted to a processor which sends out a warning to the driver when tyre pressure is below the acceptable level. This is usually in the form of a red or amber light on the dashboard.

Under inflated tyres can cause many problems to the overall performance of your vehicle. This often leads to failed MOTs, meaning you have to fork out hundreds of pounds on repairs.

Nowadays, you can purchase compact, wireless tyre pressure monitoring systems for a small price. These include four sensors (one for each tyre) and one in-car display unit. Battery powered units last on average two years with typical usage. Certain devices also have extra features which measure tyre temperature, ideal for extra safety on long journeys.

It is estimated that around 25% of drivers are operating vehicles with under inflated tyres. Ensure you're not one of them and stay safe on the road with tyre pressure monitoring sensors.

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