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TIMAX truck tyre mainly produces medium and high end truck and bus radial tyres with 3 million sets production capacity. We have introduced the world leading technology, together with the profound understanding of domestic customer demands and aim to produce the mid to high end industrial tires which can better meet the global market requirement. We have put forward "Safe, durable & powerful” as our brand concept.

The main facilities are imported from the leading manufactures in countries like Germany, Netherland, Italy etc, They were customized according to our requirements so as to guarantee the quality and performance of the tyres.

TIMAX truck tyres take advantages as below: Three Sandwich Belts: Enhanced even wear, Extended tyre life, Retreadability, Handling; Hexagonal Bead Wire: High flexibility for easy fitting, More security; Bead Wrapped Chafer: Increased resistance, Better ret readability; Dual Layer Tread Compound: Higher mileage: Excellent grip, Low braking distance, Lower Rolling, Resistance, Structural integrity; High Penetration Steel Cord: Total compound penetration; Enhancing casing resistance fatigue.

TIMAX truck tyre applies reinforced-bead and four-layer-belt structure design to let the tyres produced more suitable for all kinds of road conditions, and the safety performance and life time are greatly improved. By adopting green and environmental protection design, tyres are more economic and more environmental friendly: Highly retreadable and made of recyclable materials containing no ecologically damaging highly aromatic oils; Low rolling resistance, with reductions in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions; Improved mileage and a longer initial operating life; Lower noise emission and high acoustic comfort

TIMAX truck tyre holds all the Quality Certificates needed to support its business in more than 150 countries: American DOT, PLI and UTQG Data, European ECE, Labeling, REACH, S-Mark, R117 certificates, Middle-East GCC, SASO certificates, Brazilian INMETRO certificate, SONCAP in Nigeria, CCC, I SO-9001 certificates.


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