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Tires are the most important component of your vehicle

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-10-06

Whenever you think of inflating the tires, first read the manufacturer manual and follow the instructions firmly. It is comparatively an easy task to inflate the car tire with few important points in mind.

You Require

To inflate a car tire mostly you need two things:

-Air compressor-Pressure gauge

In some cases you can attach the pressure gauge to the air compressor, which will give you more accurate reading.


1.To let the hose easily reach your car's wheels, it is important to park your car on a flat surface. This might seem strange but it is an important part of inflating your tires.

2.Remove the valve cap and attach the air compressor nozzle to it. You need to press the nozzle to get the reading of the gauge. Look at the reading carefully and match it with the standard pressure for your tire. If it is less than the required pressure, you need to inflate it.

3.Once you have taken the reading, press the lever attached to the nozzle to let the air move into the tire through air compressor. While filling the air in the tire keep checking the gauge reading. 4.Once the required level of air pressure in tire is achieved, release the lever to stop the filling process.

5.Repeat the same process on each of the car tire and inflate them according to the said pressure. Replace the valve caps, once you are finished with your task. Now you are ready to drive your vehicle.

You have seen that to inflate your car tires is not a complex method. You can easily inflate the depleted tires with two basic tools. It is important to check tire pressure periodically to avoid any major accident and damage to your vehicle.


-You might have noticed that tires of your car have different air pressure depending upon their position, i.e. there is always a difference in front and rear tires' pressures. This pressure is taken as standard air pressure assigned by vehicle manufacturer. Air pressure in tires varies according to the vehicle make.

-The standard tire pressure for your vehicle can be anywhere near door jamb. If you are unable to locate it, consult your manufacturer manual or vehicle manufacturer.

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