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TIMAXTYRE: Choose comfortable

TIMAXTYRE: Choose comfortable


The boss of a certain OEM once said: A car is just four wheels and two rows of sofas. I think he is only right: wheels are very important car parts. 

So today I will come to popular science a little bit of the most basic knowledge about wheels.


What is the size of the tire?

The car wheel (wheel) we usually say now is generally composed of two parts, that is, the tire and the wheel hub.

Tires are consumables, and the wheel hubs have a relatively long replacement cycle. Therefore, we often encounter replacement tires every day. To replace tires, we need to know the size of the tire:


Basically all passenger car tires will have a string of characters like 195/55R15:

195 represents the (section) width of the tire. Under normal circumstances, the wider the tire, the stronger the grip and the greater the fuel consumption;


55 indicates the aspect ratio of the tire. It can also be understood as the tire's "thickness" (section height), but it is also related to the width. The reason is that the tire's "thickness" must conform to the width ratio, otherwise it will be There will be big problems; (will be mentioned in the future wheel article)

R stands for radial tires. It is about the arrangement of the cords of the plies in the tires in a pattern similar to the earth's meridian. In addition, everyone should know a term, that is, bias tires, which are relatively rare in the field of cars, but they are still very common in freight vehicles.


15 means the diameter of the wheel hub (in the strict sense of the term "rim"). The tire is actually a rubber "sleeve". The size of the wheel determines the size of this "sleeve". Buying a large or small tire will bring discomfort...


Having mastered these basic knowledge, you can already find a tire that fits your car!


The key is: you dont understand, these parameters are printed on the tires, or clearly marked on the "Owner's Manual", you can find the tires according to these parameters!



Are my tires safe?

It depends on whether your newly replaced tire meets the safety standards. Pay attention to the following points:


1. Speed level


2. Load Index


3. Tire pressure


4. Production date


5. Wear limit



How should I choose the tire pattern?

Let me reiterate: there is no best tire in the world, only the best tire for your car, and the tire pattern is the same!


First, determine what you want the car to do? For example, if you want to commute to work, or you want to drive off-road, or you want to go to the wild on the track, you can make a radar chart to judge:



Then I began to search among the vast brands; learn from the vast forums; feel the characteristics of each tire in constant attempts, and explore the tires that best meet their needs with theory and realization.

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