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This question has certainly pondered dirt bike

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-08-21

Different shapes and sizes

Dirt Bike tires do come in different designs, shapes and rubber compounds all depending on the terrain they are manufactured for. If you are a novice in the dirt bike world it would not be as obvious to know the right trend or design for your dirt bike.

These tires are designed with a specific environment in mind, hence if you are riding in a rocky or hard surface there is a particular trend, pattern or design unique for that terrain. Therefore all dirt bike tires except a selected few designed for all terrains have their specific terrains of which they are made for.

Below are some descriptions that can guide you when shopping for your ideal tire:

Hard terrain - If you are going out on hard terrain look out for tread blocks that are closely spaced and have soft outer rubber compound that provides that extra grip on those hard surfaces.

Soft Terrain - For this type of terrain the rubber compound is hard while the tire bumps are elevated and shaped like a paddle or a shovel - like pattern. The spaces between the bumps are wide enough to allow mud clogged in between the bumps to easily get out. Front tires have pointed knobs.

All Types of Terrain - If you are the type of biker who is out riding on most types of terrain; from hard to soft or from muddy to sandy, look out for the All Types of Terrain tire. The trend knobs are usually pointed or spiky for that extra grip on soft, hard, muddy or sandy terrain.

Racing purposes - The treads are flexible for excellent ground contact and the rigid sidewalls assist in better landing when doing those occasional flips and jumps on elevated ground.

Sandy Terrains - For Bikers trending on Sandy terrain, the trend pattern of the tire is that of a scoop - shape to ensure excellent traction when tackling sand dunes. An orientation of a zigzag side trend helps in tackling the corners by providing more traction. This type of tire is however not meant for any other type of terrain.

Mud or Grass Terrains - If shopping for a tire that can handle muddy or grass terrain, then you should look out for features such as: elevated tread blocks about 18mm that give effective traction on slippery muddy slopes.

Choosing the right type of tire for your purpose can dramatically improve your dirt bike's performance and will certainly save your pocket from frequent replacing. You should also buy from reputed brands whose products are widely known and trusted.

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