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This is a folding bike that is really two bikes

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-09-18

As with all of the other pro-environmental cycles from Dahon, this is a folding bike so you can go anywhere without feeling burdened. Using a Dahon more often means you will be using polluting vehicles less often.

The Espresso is now in the process of getting a fresh new look, with a new axis designed by Dahon that is the center point for the ease with which it folds. This mechanism eliminates any apprehension you may have about setting your bike at the best height for you to ride.

There are three sizes to the Espresso that help riders identify with the right fit. For those ranging from 5'2' and 5'6' the smallest sized Espresso is the best fit for you. If you are between 5'6' and 6'0' it is recommended that you consider the midsize frame. Of course, if you are over the six feet tall, then the largest of the three frames would be for you, but only if you are no taller than 6'4'.

The Espresso uses durable Schwalbe tires so that your rides are smooth and quick regardless of terrain, whether you are commuting or taking a leisurely weekend ride.

You may have heard the Dahon Espresso can be folded in ten seconds. This feature tends to silence the critics as it relates to the convenience of operating the bike. It should be second nature to take it anywhere with no worries. It doesn't matter if it's in the city or out in the country, deciding to bring your bike is not a difficult decision to make.

With its 26' wheels the Espresso compares quite nicely with other non-folding bikes such as mountain bikes and cruisers; and the rides are very comparable.

The philosophy that drives Dahon centers upon developing transportation that doesn't negatively impact the environment by being as inconspicuous a carbon footprint as is possible to manufacture. It might seem like a complex goal to achieve. But Dahon has been doing this very thing under the radar for a number of years, creating and then perfecting the technology that accomplishes the results that delights the environmentalists.

For three decades, since 1982 when the company started, Dahon has operated with a few goals in mind. First and foremost they want customers to enjoy a fantastic ride. Yet they also want to deliver a product to the masses that will not harm the environment.

For the bike rider who wants to 'go green', both for everyday commuting as well as for recreation on the weekends, the Dahon Espresso is a great choice. You will not only enjoy your ride, but you will be thrilled with the tiny carbon footprint you left behind.

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