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by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-10-06

There are many reasons for the decline of this company but one main reason is the coming up of new tyres which are better than these. Also the other companies have relied on the advertising and have achieved the market share which they were thinking to acquire.

If someone is looking for problems one can know about them with the help of complaint against Apollo tyres filed by various customers.

Also if one has any complaint against Apollo tyres one can put in on the internet which is another medium to connect with the masses. On the internet also there are several complaint portals which take the complaint of the customer and try to solve them. Though even if these problems are not solved the common man can know about it and then think on buying the tyre or not.

One of the complaints against the Apollo tyres was a normal one which the person posted on the internet. The complaint stated that the person has bought a car and after 4 days the tyre burst. He took it to nearby repair center and was informed that it has to be sent in the Apollo tyre company for replacement which will be done in four days.

But after two week he called up at the repair center and was informed that the replacement has been rejected. The person was given a number of technicians in the company and when he called him, the technician said that the tyre will not be replaced as it has met with an accident and also there is cut which cannot be treated. The person was shocked to hear this as the car had not met with any accident and was denied the replacement.

Another incident which took place was on a highway when a tyre burst out. The victim got it fixed and drove back home. The next day, he took the tyre to the company where he was informed that it will not be replaced even if the tyre is under warranty. The person was also told that if he would have not got the tyre fixed then they would have replaced it.

To each and every complaint against the Apollo tyres the company has tried to put the blame on the consumer and denied any replacement even if it is under warranty. The company has not only lost its market share but the trust of people on the company has also declined.

It has been observed that the increasing number of dissatisfied people have caused the downfall of the company. The problem has been the officers or the people in charge of dealing with the customers. They have behaved in a very dominating manner just to avoid any trouble ahead.

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