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The used car that you want to buy looks so good

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-10-03

Once you've decided on the car, you'll need to ask the questions, before you buy.

1. Has the car ever been in an accident?

Body shops and detail shops can make a car look brand new, even when a bumper is replaced, a front fender or door panel repaired. Internal issues such as non-alignment of the car and the impact to the interior workings of the car from the accident on all the joints can make the car wear more easily, shortening its time in service with you.

2. Is the underbody of the car in good condition?

The top and sides of a used car may be shiny and bright - but be sure to check underneath it as well. Rust and corrosion caused by a damp or snowy environment can easily be ignored unless you bend down and check under the body.

3. Will the tires pass inspection?

States have different inspection standards but all have requirements for the wear on the tires. Check with your state department of transportation if the tires look worn in some areas and may not pass inspection.

4. Are all of the accessories, gauges, warning lights and switches working?

It is imperative that you take the used car you want to buy on a test drive and check for all these things. Try the blinkers (and get out of the car to make sure they are working), windshield wipers, fuel level, oil temperature and all the other gauges on the dashboard. You may also want to try the radio, the lock and unlock button and the automatic windows.

5. Does the interior of the car smell fresh and clean?

Sometimes a leak in the car will begin to mold and can leave a damp, musty smell. Check under carpet mats and under the seats to see if it is damp, and ask questions about the scent if it is apparent.

6. Does the owner have service records?

A used car may have low mileage and look great, but if it hasn't had the oil changed, fans and vents replaced, brakes checked and tires rotated in a year, it could show wear very quickly once you put it on the road. Buying a certified pre owned (CPO) car will assure that it has had a recent service check.

7. How was the car used?

Mostly highway mileage is the most desirable use of a car. A car not only gets better gas mileage when on the highway, it also is better on the car itself, to not have to turn sharply - thus putting more wear on the tires, stopping - wearing more on the brakes, and not changing gears - making it easier on the transmission. In addition, check to see if the used car was ever used as a taxi or other transport vehicle.

When you ask these seven questions before you purchase a used car, you will be more likely to be satisfied with your purchase for years to come.

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