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The tires have these 4 conditions and need to be replaced immediately

The tires have these 4 conditions and need to be replaced immediately


The tires have these 4 conditions and need to be replaced immediately, don't wait for a moment!


1.Tire wear is severe

We can judge the degree of tire wear by observing the tire wear marks. The wear mark is generally located in the tire drain groove and is a rubber bump with a trapezoidal cross-section.

Generally, the thickness of the wear mark of a family car is 1.6mm. When the tire pattern is worn to be flush with the wear mark, the tire must be replaced.


2.Tires are seriously aging

Professional maintenance personnel suggest that, under normal circumstances, the tire replacement cycle is 3-5 years or 30,000-50,000 kilometers. Due to the different use environment, to determine whether the tire needs to be replaced, you should look at the wear first and then look at the age.

If the tire tread and sidewall are generally cracked, even if the tire has only been used for one year, it still needs to be replaced. Even if the tire wear is not obvious, it must be replaced after more than 5 years of use.


3.Tire bulge deformation

The occurrence of such a situation in the tire proves that the metal coil inside the tire has been deformed or broken, and must be replaced in time. If you continue to drive, it is very likely that a tire burst will occur.



4.Obvious scratches on the tire surface

Tyre experts indicate that if the tread is nailed or punctured by other objects, it can be repaired if the diameter is smaller than 6mm, and it must be replaced if it is larger than 6mm.




In the tire tread and scratch cracks, stones are often stuck, which not only produces noise during driving, affects the performance of the tire, but may also cause air leakage or puncture!

To ensure driving safety, friends can use a high-pressure water gun to wash the dirt attached to the tires at close range, and then use keys, screwdrivers, needle-nose pliers and other tools to remove the remaining sand and gravel.


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