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The term 'fixie' came from the streets in reference

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-08-27

Simple Fixies with Front Brakes and Flip Flop Hubs in the Rear

The truth is that fixies are the best bikes around for enjoying a fun day out with your family or friends in the park or around your neighborhood in the suburbs where there's good pavement on sidewalks or bike paths. Many of these single speeds come with a flip flop hub that lets you turn the rear wheel around to set it in freewheeling motion. A front wheel brake is also a common feature now among fixies, which make them safe to ride even with children.

A fixed gear bike has a simple composition of parts. Because there are no gears attached, the bike is lighter in weight and easy to maintain. Of course, the bike remains in top condition as long as its owner understands how to keep the tires aerated and the chains greased. Another way to keep these bicycles working beautifully is to avoid riding them through extreme weather or bad roads. The best period to ride these bikes is during late spring until summer when there are few windy or rainy days.

A Fashionable Ride that Improves Leg and Knee Health

The fixed gear bicycle is a throwback to the time when bike messengers are still common. They function in the same way as penny farthings, which are among the earliest versions of bicycles. Because of their speed and simplicity in design, fixies became the ride of choice by hipsters who like its retrofit style. In addition, single-speed bicycles also help promote good leg and knee fitness because of the lack in gears. As a result, you'd be improving your stamina, building up your muscles on your thighs and lower legs, and strengthening your joints in the knees and ankles.

Because it allows the rider to feel a close connection to the road, the fixie bike provides good control whenever the road becomes wet and slippery. However, since you can't coast safely on a fixed gear despite the flip flop hubs, take time to develop your skill in handling high speeds at over 120 revolutions per minute. Some towns have also been known to issue tickets to riders using fixies with no brakes. You have to check out fixies in this site or ask your local bike shop about ordinances issued in that town before you take out your fixed gear bike for a ride in the countryside.

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