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The Sun Mountain Speed Cart V1 is an effective

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-08-31


The Sun Mountain Speed Cart VI has been equipped with ergonomic expertise which bears the promise of a problem free golfing escapade. The large ergonomic handle and the pneumatic tires makes for effortless and smooth rolling. The relaxation of a stroll along the golf course remains intact.

The ball bearings are tough and need no extra care and the cart moves quietly as all the three wheels move in relative motion to each other. You can set the alignment of the front wheel for arrow straight tracking. While carrying, you can actually accommodate the Sun Mountain Speed golf cart , easily in your luggage as it becomes quite compact. It can be comfortably packed into your car boot. Should you want to enjoy golfing whilst on a short outing, this will prove ideal for easy carrying.

The Sun Mountain speed golf cart is furnished with a convenient storage tray along with a magnetic lid. There is a ball and tee holder, an umbrella stand, a pencil and scorecard holder and a movable can holder. Bungee cord brackets provide a secure place for your bags too. Along with these, the golf cart also provides ample storage for anything else that you might want to carry. You can utilize it fully to enjoy a hands free walk.

Negative Attributes

Despite its established popularity, the Sun Mountain Speed golf cart still has some improvement areas. The design is not particularly sleek. The screws dislodge frequently and are to be fixed often. The structure loses stability as the screws dislodge. The structural framework of the brake should be altered and the front wheel must be given adequate protection with a mud guard. There is scope for a pump adapter as well.


The Sun Mountain Speed Cart VI offers a whole array of color choices which can pep up your game of golf. It can be bought in blue, red, silver, orange, metallic black, orange, silver, metallic red, yellow, metallic blue and metallic orange. Select one that goes well with your personality and complements other golf related stuff that make up your kit. Choose a jazzy color to pep up your golfing experience.

Analysis of relative features

The Sun Mountain golf cart matches up to other carts easily. However, its faulty screw adjustments sometimes make it wobbly and difficult to control.

The Sun Mountain golf cart is an important part of your golf kit which is efficient and improves your game immensely.

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