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The specifications for wheel chocks and other

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-11-03

One of the mining deaths occurred on November 13, 2010, when wheels of a vehicle were not prevented from movement with wheel chocks. The accident occurred at a non-metal mine in Hutchins, Texas where sand and gravel are mined. It had only been three days since the MSHA had conducted a regular inspection. The contractor, a mechanic, was inspecting the front end loader at the refueling area to check for leaking fluids, and went beneath it without placing wheel chocks on the tires. It was over 26 feet long with a four yard bucket with an operating weight of 38,140 pounds.

He was seen lifting and lowering the front end, and rolling the loader forward and backwards, and then stopped it and went beneath it. It was unfortunately placed on a slight grade of only 3% with the bucket off the ground. The man was found fatally wounded from multiple blunt force injuries while the machine was found running in the neutral transmission.

The MSHA investigation found that the root cause of the accident was that the contractor did not use safe work procedures while performing maintenance on a work vehicle, and that mine management failed to correct unsafe work practices by the contractor. Because the contractor was independent of the mine and was a sole proprietorship, no corrective action was addressed for him. The corrective action for the mine was that everyone there was re-trained on proper procedures for working around unattended mobile equipment, which included using wheel chocks appropriately.

Citations were issued by MSHA to both the contractor's equipment repair shop and the mine for failure to comply with a mandatory standard, primarily by not blocking the vehicle against hazardous motion with wheel chocks. Mine management did not warn or stop the victim from getting under the loader while it was still running without the wheel chocks and also cited for more than ordinary negligence.

Tragedies such as this one can be avoided when ordinary MSHA guidelines such as using wheel chocks are followed and enforced.

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