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The severe winter easy to make the vehicle into

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-08-19

1.not use boiled water pouring ice window

The winter of the vehicle parked outdoors often 'a layer of frost, common icy parts have the door, skylight, brakes, tires, the place such as hand brake, to the vehicle into trouble, some impatient owners will directly with boiling water poured.

Countermeasures: if you want to except ice, may I start the engine, open the car warm wind, with auto glass special ice and snow shovel, since the ice between seam slowly rooting out the ice. If there is no ice and snow shovel, can use a larger hard plastic bottle caps on the glass buckle slowly scrape.

Note that, in a frozen or frozen have not fully in addition to do, don't open the skylight, because to force open, easy for the sunroof motor and the rubber sealing ring damage. Must wait for the inside temperature rise to scuttle glass and sealed plastic box defrost, can open.

In the conditions permit, had better be in indoor parking. If only stop in outdoor, also should choose chaoyang, shelter, flat, dry place to park. At the same time, will air conditioning in circulation within the position, in case the vestibule frozen.

2.continuous start not more than three times

In the low temperature condition, many vehicles will start in difficulty, and sometimes in motion will die.

Countermeasures: start time best control within five seconds in, if the startup 3 times not successful, it should stop for a few minutes before continuing to start, so not damage to the battery.

3.braking ineffective timely inspection

Winter air temperature is low, brake fluid will be a sticky stiff, to some extent affect the normal use of brake system, so as to reduce the flexibility of the brake. In addition, of the wet ground to make small friction coefficient and can also cause the brake wouldn't work.

Countermeasures: keep the good states of the brake system, usually to check how much brake fluid, to keep it in the normal range. Adjust the ace of the brake the tightness of rewinding, when parking must pull to brake. In addition, after the summer for long term use, should be adjusted clutch free of stroke quantity, make clutch more precise. Meanwhile, in time to check the tires, tire pressure to achieve the prescribed scope auto manufacturers. The tread pattern is too shallow should change in time new tyres.

4.don't need accelerate, brake hard

The rain and snow in winter is more, the road is all wet slippery, tires and the ground of the friction coefficient is reduced, the driver of the control of vehicle become difficult, and if the improper operation, may also make of car happening lateral spreads.

Countermeasures: starting or the course of driving don't carry the clutch and speed up the nasty, also don't turn the steering wheel, driving at a constant speed, and control the speed, not too fast.

In the vehicle to slow down, can be made for low to block of methods, fully use the engine braking. Use less as far as possible the emergency brake, or to use some braking way. The course of driving, the proper enlargement of the vehicle spacing before and after, in case the sudden braking, also want to pay attention to and the distance of the vehicles around.

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