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The Polaris Ranger is dominating the current UTV market

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-09-24

1. The brutal cold winters in the Midwest, Northeast and Canada are enough to keep most inside none months out of the year. But you're an adventurer! You bought yourself a side by side to prove it! Whether it's a hunting excursion, a snow-plowing job, or you just like to play in the snow, it will only take one unexpected blizzard before you wish you'd invested in a full canvas cover to keep out the biting wind and snow. Add a portable heater to your purchase and you'll feel like you never left the comfort of your laze boy. The added safety of having these accessories if you get stuck anywhere for an extended period of time cannot be overstated.

2. While we're on the topic of hunting, the various camo print Polaris Ranger Enclosures available help your UTV blend into its surroundings to keep the deer and moose none the wiser. Enclosures by GCL are available in Army, National Guard, and Desert Camo versions to match your surroundings. Camo plastics are also available to transform your Ranger into the stealthiest vehicle on four wheels.

3. Got a windshield? I bet you got free backdraft dust with that windshield, an inevitable side effect of this popular accessory. An Polaris Ranger Enclosure can keep the dust out on those unpaved roads, and if you haven't spent any time in the dunes yet, you'll be amazed how a high speed tear through the sand will leave you covered in silt. Keep yourself and your passengers clean with a high ventilation canvas summer enclosure.

4. The rain, sleet and snow inevitably come with forest riding, and a pair of goggles might help you see the road, but your going to feel like a soggy mess after a long dance in the rain. Many Polaris Ranger Enclosures include a roof that can be easily removed so your Ranger can change with the weather.

5. The cages that rangers are built with from the factory give you the illusion that the driver and passengers are fully contained. What you probably didn't expect on that first ride is just how dirty those big tires get you and your passengers, particularly following a wet spell. Of course, if you spend any time mud bogging (I recommend it), you'll see just how dirty you can get! Picture someone in a jeep plowing through a deep mud puddle if the Jeep were lowered and sporting 20 inch tires and you start to get the idea.

The Polaris Ranger is a blast in any weather, but getting caught without an adequate enclosure is like being caught with your pants down. Check out for many Polaris Ranger Enclosure options.

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