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The oldest Bulgarian winter resort is Ski Borovets

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-09-18

Ski Borovets- Enjoy Major Ski Facilities Set in Unparalleled Natural Beauty

Ski Borovets, is located in the shadow of Bulgaria's tallest mountain, Mt. Musala is located at the entrance of Rula National Park, its biggest and most beautiful national park. Descending from a high point of 2,560 meters, with a maximum vertical drop of 1,420 meters can be skied on one of its many well kept and lift-equipped ski runs, totaling over 40 kilometers. The ski season of Borovets goes from December to April, and has a snow cover that is greater than one.The distance was equal to five meters. It snow 150 days out of each year in Borovets, and this is delightful for people who love winter sports. Drag lifts, baby tows, seat chain lifts, even a gondola lift, form the resort's vast and varied lift infrastructure. 1 Fixed Grip Quad Chair lift, 10 Surface ski lifts, 9 tow lifts 1 six-seat Gondola lift and 2 High Speed Quad Chair lifts.

When the Sun goes down ski the Borovets.

At night ski the Borovets not only to ski for more time but to enjoy and experience a new way to see how the time pass by on the snow. The weather began to get warmer in the second and third months of the year, so the cold wasn't too overwhelming, and even in January, which is the coldest, you've got to try the night skiing. Wear some extra layers and go down the well lit hill in the alpine forest. Riding on a chairlift up the mountain slope at night experiencing all the nocturnal sights and sounds can be a great adventure to cherish.

Borovets Ski Schools & Beginner's Slopes

For beginners, Borovets provides a ski school that employs over 200 professional ski instructors, fluent in English, German, French and Russian to help you maximize your visit from the first minute on the slopes. You can get reasonable prices for group and individual lessons. At the end of the week everyone heads for the more challenging runs and the gondola lift but beginners start the week strictly on the nursery slopes.

The 72-kilometer drive from the Sofia International Airport to Borovets is extremely easy. You can cover about 45 miles in a time span of about an hour and a half. and strait to the point. Generally, rental vehicles are easily accessible at the majority of the larger rental locations at the airport. Due to the limited number of vehicles on hand at the airport, it is wise to reserve your vehicle as soon as possible prior to pickup. When driving on snowy and icy roads during the winter in and around Borovets, you should either drive a 4-wheel drive vehicle or put snow tires or chains on your vehicle to be safe.

Borovets, just like any other resort area, has a number of options that will accommodate you during your stay. For those who have more restrictions on their spending, I recommend the Moura hotel. (three stars), or the 4-star Rila Hotel might be the one what you're looking for. Are you in search of something just a little more extravagant? The five-star Winter Palace is a must try. In contrast, if you're seeking privacy and luxury, the ideal selection is the five star Villa Stresov of the Borovets ski chalets.

Villa Stresov was rebuilt in 1996 as a five-star luxury property by the Bulgarian-American family of Marianne Djidrova Nielsen, a granddaughter of the Stresovs, and Philip R. Nielsen, her husband, in its original Swiss style used 70 years earlier. You can get a good sense of what the Villa is like by checking out the many pictures that are up online. (with 200 pictures available) Local Borovets-area attractions include: 7 Rila Lakes, the Rila Monestary, Mount Musala, and much more with depiction of not only the interior, exterior and grounds of the Villa.

To learn more about Borovets and The Villa Stresov visit our site.

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