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The most important criteria for buying tyres are

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-11-01

The Finnish tyre manufacturer Nokian Tyres tests tyres in the most extreme conditions of the north. Roads in poor condition with holes and uneven surface, wet because of the heavy rain with suddenly changing demanding conditions are its test tracks. And large fluctuations in temperature are typical. Nokian is the expert for extreme conditions and tests summer tyres (in Norwegian, sommerdekk) also in cool temperatures which is unique. As its premium tyres are very safe in these hard conditions, they run excellently in nice weather as well as on sound asphalt and have enough reserves for dangerous situations.

Better safety with excellent wet grip

It's important to test on wet roads because that's when the tyres (in Norwegian, dekk) have lower road holding. On its own testing ground in Nokia, situated in the south of Finland, the Nokian Tyres tests the wet grip on a circular track to measure a tyre's latitudinal grip, which simulates driving in a curve. In wet handling the driver evaluates the characteristics of the tyres, additionally the lap times give information about the tyre quality. The car should not drift too far outwards and the tyres need to be predictable to prevent dangerous surprises in hazardous situations.

A short braking distance on wet roads can prevent an accident, as braking distances in rain are longer than many drivers believe. Nokian tests the braking performance on several different surface types with different friction coefficients, this means under hardest loads, too.

Also, no driver wants to aquaplane on a wet road, as the car isn't steerable anymore and braking isn't possible. The best way to avoid aquaplaning is with new tyres where the tread geometry pumps the water away from under the tyre. Once tyres have less than 4 millimetres of groove depth their ability to grip in the wet weakens significantly. You can easily check the depth yourself with a 2 euro coin. Matti Morri, Nokia Tyres' tyre specialist, recommends placing a 2 euro coin in the tyre groove, and if the silver rim is visible, you might want to consider changing your tyres.

Speed, grip and precise reaction decide in the dry tests

During the dry trials on the handling track the test driver evaluates subjectively the driving behaviour in varying conditions. Quick shifts in direction caused by lane changes and elk tests show the tyre limits among many other tests. These correspond to the typical driving situations like taking over and avoiding an object or other car, where speeds can be quite high and where the grip and the stability of the tyres are crucial. The tyre need to react precisely and immediately to the driver's steering. And with a heavy load, controlling the car can be even more challenging with the rear pulling.

Additionally to all of these intensive driving tests Nokian Tyres performs, many are done also worldwide and have for years on high speed tracks like Papenburg, Germany, Idiada, Spain, and in South Africa. This is necessary to improve tyre properties under maximum speeds loadings.

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