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The most dirt-biting part of your car is the tires

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-09-16

This amazing product is water-based, non-solvent and has special silicone emulsion. This silicone emulsion are non-toxic products where lubrication, gloss, antistatic, protective and release properties that advantageous. It cleans like water. It doesn't contain hazardous chemicals that might leave ugly spots on your car. Even indoors without the use of water you can achieve high-shine results. Wow how cool is that! And more, in doing the cleaning outdoors is also applicable. Less effort, just spray and buff. FREEDOM ECO TIRE SHINE comes with a towel that has 9times capacity more than its weight. Just spray evenly on the tire in a sweeping motion. Be sure to lightly spray a second coat on the tires afterwards and let it dry. Using the towel, remove any overspray on the paint. It dries smooth in 20 minutes. So fast with less effort you can enjoy while singing in glossing your tires. The amazement of this product doesn't end here since the FREEDOM ECO TIRE SHINE guards against UV damage. The perfect clean with UV protection is a real great deal my friend.

Great satisfaction guaranteed as the clean and high gloss shine last for weeks. Its money saving. Much more when it's guilt -free in pampering your ride when the composition of the product is 99% biodegradable. While savoring the restored beauty or your wheels you're also helping Mother Nature maintaining its natural beauty. Try it now!

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