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The manufacturers react to this new trend by producing

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-08-21

When should we use summer tires? Summer tires are usually used when the temperature is higher than 7 degrees. When the temperature is lower, the summer tires don't have good cohesion even if the road is dry. They are made of a special mixture, which consists of more artificial plastificators. This mixture calcifies and becomes slippery at low temperatures. You should change your winter tires with summer ones by the end of March or the beginning of April.

It's important to know that your tires should be changed depending on the kilometres you have passed, not depending on the time you have used them. Even if you don't pass many kilometres and your protector still seems preserved, the tires lose their properties as the time passes. Several types of summer tires can be distinguished. For example, ordinary symmetric tires which are usually the cheapest and from the lowest class. The depth of the protector is used to ensure the safety of the passengers in the car when the surface is wet. However, they have one serious disadvantage- when the protector is worn out, the water cannot be brought to the canals. Asymmetric tires are another type of summer tires. They are called so because their protector is divided into two parts. One of the parts throws the water away, while the other ensures stability when you make a turn. They have a characteristic pattern- asymmetric. They are quite suitable for turns but the best type of summer tires remain those with a 'direction of rotation'. They are also known as rain tires. They are the most appropriate for wet surfaces.

You should not put your life and the lives of the passengers you drive at risk. So you must change your summer tires with winter ones not later than the end of October. You cannot rely on your summer tires when the road is icy. Even the most modern and high- technological systems of security cannot help you in this case. A problem may occur not only if the roads are covered with snow, but also if the temperature is lower than 7 degrees. The risk of accidents is seven times higher in winter than in summer. So, you should be a reasonable driver and keep not only the speed limitations, but you should also pay attention to the technical condition of your car.

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