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The last test performed with a Walmart tire model

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-08-22

And this time we decided to test a tire from the upper class among a normal tire both tested to show performance on the track. If you decide to use Walmart Tire Coupons in order to purchase a Kenda Small Block Eight, a model derived from Kenda Nevagal, but slightly reduced in size please visit our website.

Small Block Eight name even comes from its construction. It can even be seen as a defining name for the building housing the tire studs are placed in very dense style of a chess table, counting eight in a row.

The manufacturer has opted for this building as a tire should Across enviable grip. What it is, considering it was designed for Cross Country racing.

This structure contributes in particular and the rolling resistance of these tires, which is very high, especially on rigid surfaces, both on asphalt and on dry land. Kenda Small Block Eight fared very well and the stretch of gravel or crushed stone, studs acting well in those areas in which the tire is sinking.

But this construction of the tire carcass has the disadvantages of rigor: running on wet ground, especially with the ground, tires were loaded with mud, resulting in a very weak grip. Tyres and Continental Ferry, offers higher performance in this respect because the distance studs are placed carcass. So, are avoided in our perspective on wet tracks. But not on wet pavement, where they behaved.

But we should not forget the manufacturer's specifications, we recommend the use in dry conditions. Kenda Small Block Eight tires are a foldable model, so has a low weight. The model we tested, the size of 26 x 2.10, weighs 519 grams.

But the manufacturer offers you a choice between a narrow model of 1.95 grams weight of 451 but also a wider pattern of 2.35 grams weight of 705. In the offer there is a tubeless model, with a weight of 888 grams for size 26 x 2.10.

A minus comes from the sidewall construction which provides protection against snake too good byte. Situation that you face on the trails covered with sharp stones and not necessarily in the city, crossing borders.

For lovers of Cross Country, these tires are ideal, especially on dry tracks. Influenza excellent running speed and relatively low weight, makes us to recommend even those who do not participate in competitions, but they want a tire to incorporate many qualities.

Especially if we think the price is ridiculously low compared to performance tire. I generally find online stores, where the tires are being offered with an extra fee of around 40 dollars. Everyone has the right to choose the shop they trust but I say Walmart is reliable and the fact that we can find great coupons it's just another bonus.

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