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The history of the wheel chock has shown a huge

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-11-09

The wheel chocks of the old days were made of wood or metal, and were heavy to cart around. They had the potential to splinter off into the hand of the person carrying it or even cut them with a sharp edge. The chock also was not very sturdy itself, and could easily slide around on the surface of the ground, whether grass, dirt or stone, especially if not postioned correctly. Wheel chocks of the past were basically not as safe as they are now.

Today's Wheel Chocks

A wheel chock of today, when well made, will be constructed of recycled rubber or polyeurethane made from reaction injection molding (RIM). A recycled rubber chock is not only saving the environment by using discarded tires to build the chocks, but it also makes a very durable device that sticks to the ground and to the tire quite well. A built in handle facilitates easy placement of the chock. The rubber is resistant to UV rays, tough weather conditions, oils and salt. Often, the rubber wheel chock has an option for an added steel grate to dig into a soft surface or an ice cleat for those conditions. Some of these wheel chocks can even be positioned on either side of the tire, as it is in a triangular shape.

The RIM construction method makes a much lighter wheel chock and its easier to move from the back of the vehicle to the road surface and back again. Because RIM technology is used, its possible to make it in almost any shape - a basic triangle or triangular with the top cut off like a parking stop, or a right angle triangle with the hypotenuese (the longest side) at a curve to fit to the shape and size of the tire. These chocks can also have the instructions molded right into the chock.

Wheel Chock Uses

The places you'll find a wheel chock being used are many. The construction, mining and fire fighting arenas are where you'll find the heavy duty uses, while the utility and service fleets will require a smaller, more general purpose chock. The avaition industry uses them as well. Great improvements have been made in the history of the wheel chock, and keep many people and much property safe today.

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